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Utsava has now been banned on YouTube due to political censorship. Social Media has deleted millions of accounts the past year. Please subscribe to Utsava on Bitchute and on all social media links below for backup. Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter!

Utsava is a world-famous psychic known for her highly accurate predictions and prophecies, which have been proven again and again in the many videos she has posted over the years. She has predicted many MAGA events, including Trump's victory in 2016, as well as the arrests of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Pope and the Queen of England, with accurate timelines. She has accurately predicted financial markets and numerous world events.

Utsava has a large international following and has been banned on social media many times for telling the truth. Her influence and opinion are highly respected in the spiritual community, as well as among Trump supporters.

As a Certified Psychic, Utsava provides real solutions to your deepest concerns, and can help in all matters of the heart and spirit! She has also helped many people with chronic diseases, personal issues, and can talk to "dead people" on the other side.

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"Utsava rescued dozens of horses and donkeys last month. She would have little time to go on shows. Most 'patriot' shows are money oriented. If they have Utsava on they are at risk of being shut down due to her accuracy. Charlie Ward had her on and often gives kudos to her for being fearless in her predictions. Nobody was talking about the royals, JFK junior or the financial reset when she was. All her predictions sound far-fetched until they come true. I bought V Dong and other currencies over 2 years ago and am waiting on the rv which nobody was talking about. When DJT is confirmed and Biden fraud exposed I stand to collect £38 k from Betfair. They eventually paid out on DJT after Clinton bets were wrongly paid in 2016. I have been on her patreon for 4 years since Jsnip4 trashed her over the THETA coin. They were cashing in on the coin saying it was going to $1000s and she put a hole in their boat so they destroyed her following. I saw through this and am so glad I found an honest psychic and I will be financially secure due to her prophecies. A lot of insiders are backing her up when she was way out in front on her own before."
-Testimonial from Kevin Hunt

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Phone Readings

Messages from a psychic, very pure and prophetic divine dimension of higher consciousness.
Utsava will tell you the truth no matter what, whether it is popular or not.

Interested in a reading?

Issues Utsava can help you with:

  • Medical Intuitive
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Herbal therapy
  • Relationships
  • Future Predictions
  • Money
  • Relocation

  • Emotional issues
  • Your Destiny
  • Alien and Deep State manipulation remedies
  • Psychological issues
  • Narcissistic abuse
  • Court battles
  • Connect with loved ones who have passed

US customers

To book a reading, you must first prepay and then contact me to book an appointment at  utsava@protonmail.com.

Preferred payment method is Cash App, followed by Zelle.

For Zelle,please send payment to animalsfromthesea@yahoo.com

For PayPal, Please select the "Friends and Family" option so that I do not get charged extra fees.

All sales are final. No refunds can be offered after a reading.

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international customers

To book a reading, you must first prepay with PayPal and then contact me at utsava@protonmail.com to book an appointment.
Please select the "Friends and Family" option so that I do not get charged extra fees.

All sales are final. No refunds can be offered after a reading.

Book A Reading
(up to 60 minutes)


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Some of My Videos

Youtube has again deleted my channel without any warning - no strike or specific reason was provided. We have been censored the most for years.

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