Utsava Spiritual Psychic Medium, Counseling in life matters

                                            -Free yourself from conditioning and mind control.
                                    -Learn about possibilities you never knew would be possible.
                             -Gain more clarity and a deeper understanding on the issues at hand.
   -Consult with Utsava who has proven her accuracy in many future predictions.
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Phone: 503-583-0905
For booking an appointment, please text or email me: utsava@protonmail.com
Phone readings 
I receive messages from a psychic , very pure  and prophetic divine dimension with a Higher consciousness, away from demonic spirits, ego-based predictions  or manipulations. 
I will tell you the truth of the matter no matter if it is popular or not.

Relationships, Future Predictions, Money, Relocation,  Emotional issues, Your Destiny. Psychological issues, Narcissistic Abuse. Court battles, Nutritional counseling. 
Connecting with Loved Ones that are passed over.

​Empower yourself!
   Your psychological patterns, Karma, family issues, Psychic attacks, demonic influence, Abuse, Emotional pain, Illness.
Personal readings

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. I'm Utsava, a  Spiritual Advicer and I provide psychic consultations. I'm clairvoyant, clairsentient and an empath. I have made some extremely accurate predictions. In recent months, I predicted the Trump victory, that Hillary would have a seizure at an event, what Wikileaks will be publishing and the future of this country that all came true. You can view the videos on my youtube channel. I'm here to assist you to gain more clarity about your issues and to free yourself from your deep seated pattern, find out how transformation works and live the life you are meant to live.  Every reading is very important to me and I prepare in advance for each session in order to provide you with as much information as possible to guide you towards your next step to a higher conciousness.  What is unique is I'm professionally trained not only in psychology and the medical field, but I have extensive training in metaphysical reading, subtle body healing, esoteric science, prana healing and many more healing and esoteric modalities. I started my psychic reading practice 20 years ago and started to pursue it seriously recently as the shift happened and my life experiences brought me to higher consciousness and healing in a way I would like to share with others. 
Stop listening to fake gurus, Utsava can lead you to find out the truth; learn to heal yourself, how to mediate and resolve your pattern, your karma and every-day problems, find out the truth about  soul contracts, Karma, the law of Attraction and start looking within. The sessions are empowering and designed to make you stronger and independent, to help you get away from being abused or mind controlled; be it by people around you, fake gurus or by political interests.

    Get accurate future predictions,  

Learn from someone who has overcome her painful patterns and has first hand experiences of true transformation.

Testimonials on my youtube channel: 

"If you do your own research you'll see this lady is the "Real Deal!"

"Thank you for these wonderful predictions. All I can say is WOW, you're incredibly accurate."

"Thank you so much for sharing your vision Utsava!!!! You are truly gifted!"

"Hey pretty lady,
 "I was hoping I'd hear from you soon!! Glad to see you back!! ... You are amazing!! Can't wait for your next Vid!!"

speaks English or German

"She helped me so much and cleared my way of thinking and gave me new information I needed .
You can feel she's the real deal!"

Michaela de la Cour /Sweden 

"I have been on the Patreon since the beginning. I have followed your predictions and you are always accurate. I started leveraging Bitcoin and buy/sell based on my intuition and your help. I have tripled the Bitcoin price, and made 3 Bitcoins out of 1 Bitcoin." Roland S., Lucerne, CA

"I wanted to thank you on my last reading, You brought so much clarification with detail on my situation that I was so confused. You helped me to Make a life changing decision that was hard for me. Thank you."
Jose ,NYC

I donate 10% of my income to abused women and pets.
You were spot on predicting that the Market would drop on Jan 10th with an "announcement".  The Announcement this morning was higher interests rates. Tom K.

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Utsava is worldwide famous for accurate psychic predictions and prophecies. 

Utsava is genuine, an animal lover, a vegetarian, an environmentalist and  an activist who has helped many people world wide with personal problems. She also was an activist in Europe and early on in her chose the filed of service for people. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals and became a whistle blower when patients were abused. She has been rescuing animals all her life, became a vegetarian when she was 12 years old and chose to be of service for others early on. 

She has a loyal clientele and has had an excellent reputation for a long time due to her accurate predictions and readings. Utsava stays away from inflated New Age ego concepts, but stays grounded in her predictions and readings where she receives information from a very high and pure  dimension.